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Panasonic Phone Systems

Panasonic KX-TES824
system - Advanced,
Flexible, Affordable.

Your telephone system is your main tool of communication, and primary link to your business partners, customers, suppliers, employees and colleagues. The KX-TES824 Advanced Hybrid PBX Systems can cost-effectively support all your personal and business communication needs. It comes pre-configured with 3 outside (CO) lines and 8 extensions, and can easily be expanded with up to 8 outside (CO) lines and 24 extensions. The system provide features that can satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and cost conscious users. You can even connect a variety of communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax machines, and any other device that works with conventional telephone lines. The Panasonic KXTEA308 and KX-TES824 are ideal for small businesses or home offices requiring a flexible system with a high degree of sophistication. Useful and efficient features

3 level Automatic Reception with Voice Guidance - Direct Inward System Access (DISA) functions that allows outside callers to access any extension without going through an operator. Automatic greeting messages (3-levels) can be recorded by the operator or manager, directing the caller to an appropriate department or destination. Callers can also dial the desired destination not only to an extension, but also to a group of extensions (all of them ring), or even outside lines. Flexible SMS Routing - SMS (Short Message Service) messaging is an affordable and increasingly popular way to send text messages between fixed line and mobile telephones. You can customise the system to allow SMS message senders to address their messages directly to a specific user's SLT (Single Line Telephone), ensuring the desired user receives their messages quickly, and privately. This requires a SMS capable handset and a Caller ID line card. Built-in Voice Message - The optional Voice Message Card ensures you'll never miss an important call, giving your customers the option to leave a message when you're not available. You can customise your voice mailbox by recording your own greetings, which will be played when you cannot answer your phone. Your callers can simply leave you a voice message directly into your personal mailbox, allowing you to receive private information without relying on hand-written notes and memos. Group voice messaging - Call Centres and Workgroups can use the common message area for recording caller messages that can be played back later by an operator or group member. For more advanced voice messaging needs, a Panasonic Voice Processing System (VPS) can provide for more professional flexibility and control. Caller ID Display on SLTs and APTs - The system can add an optional card to provide Caller ID service, which allows a user to see the callers information before they answer a call. This function works on Analogue Proprietary Telephones as well as Single Line Telephones that support Caller ID display. Proprietary display telephones can be used to also access the Caller ID log for the 20 most recent calls (Call Log) while the system itself has 300 common logs. The logged incoming calls can be called back easily. Clever Call handling Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) with message - For handling many incoming calls quickly and efficiently, UCD with message allows incoming calls to be distributed uniformly to a group of extensions. If all stations in the UCD group are busy, the system plays a message to the caller - acting like a receptionist or a Music-on-Hold system. If still the UCD group remains busy, the call can be sent to a secondary DISA. This is especially useful for an office with high incoming call traffic with only one person to accept calls (queuing feature). Call Forwarding (Busy/No Answer/Follow-Me/to Outside) - Incoming, intercom and transferred calls to your extension can be easily forwarded to another destination when you are on the phone or away from your desk. Calls can be directed to a preprogrammed number, such as your mailbox, another phone, or a mobile phone, improving efficiency and overall customer service. Forgot to forward your calls while in a conference room? 'Follow me' programming allows you to remotely set Call Forwarding from another phone at your office (e.g. meeting room), so calls to your extension will reach you while you are away from your desk. Day/Night/Lunch Mode - The system provides 'Day/Night' and 'Lunch' mode features, which can be used to change system behaviour according to the time of day. For example, you can designate which phones will ring for incoming calls after hours, or prevent outgoing calls at night. Doorphones, Door Openers, and Doorbells - An optional card allows the the KX-TES824 to support up to 4 doorphones. As a visitor presses a doorphone button, a pre-assigned internal extension rings allowing the extension user to talk to the visitor. Standard doorbells can also be connected to the system to indicate doorphone calls with the familiar chime. If an optional Door Opener is connected, the extension user can even open the door and let the visitor in. 5-party Conference - The system allows 5 different parties to have a telephone conversation simultaneously. Up to 2 outside lines can join a conference call. Message Waiting - Allows an extension user to notify the called extension of a message waiting when the called extension is busy or does not answer the call. Pressing the lit MESSAGE button of proprietary telephone can call back the called party automatically. Fax Detection - The system is smart enough to even detect an incoming fax transmission - routing the call automatically to a designated fax machine. This allows you to be able to receive faxes day or night without a need for someone to transfer the call, and removes any need for purchasing a special fax phone line. Room Monitor - An Analogue Proprietary Telephone or Doorphone can be used as a Room Monitor. This feature is useful for monitoring a child or elderly person's room or for security purposes. Ringing Pattern Selection - A ringing pattern can be selected depending on the type of call such as an outside call, intercom call or a doorphone call. Extension Group - The system supports 8 extension groups. In an extension group, the following features can be activated.
  • Group Call Pickup: Any member of an extension group can pick up a call directed to another group member.
  • Paging Group: Any member of an extension group can make a voice announcement to another group member.
  • Hunting group: DISA ring group or UCD group is a specific extension group.
Emergency Call - You can assign 5 different telephone numbers, which can override call restrictions when making an emergency call to the authorities - such as police, fire department, ambulance, etc. Cost Management Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) - The KX-TEA308 and KX-TES824 can record or print out detailed call information such as the date, time, extension number, dialled number, duration, etc. SMDR records can help you effectively manage call costs, staff productivity and phone system usage. 3rd Party Accounting packages can be used for detailed reporting. Account Code Entry (Option/Forced/Verified) - Standard Telephone account codes can be used to identify outgoing external calls for accounting and billing purposes. The calling activities made with ID codes can be printed out (SMDR). 'Verified Account Code' is a very useful way to control call costs and to manage your telephone expenses more effectively. Call Restriction - The system can be programmed to prohibit unauthorised outgoing long distance calls by restricting certain extensions from dialling certain specific area codes / exchange codes. Electronic Station Lock - Prevents unauthorised personnel from making calls from your phone by 'locking' outside lines and requiring a 4-digit security code before making calls. The operator and manager are given the privilege of controlling Electronic Station Lock at any station by using the DSS console. For example, this feature is useful for a small hotel to block calls after guests have checked out Limited Call Duration - The system disconnects outbound calls when a preprogrammed time expires. An alarm tone is sent to both parties 15 seconds before the assigned time limit. Programming and Maintenance System customisation and maintenance is easier than ever, thanks to the included Panasonic KX-TEA308 and KX-TES824 Maintenance Console software. Simply connect a PC to the system via the built-in USB or serial (RS-232C) interface, and the software's intuitive graphic interface will help you do the rest. The System Administrator can even program and maintain the system while off-site, by connecting remotely to the built-in modem. And of course, the familiar Panasonic PT Programming interface is also available, allowing you to quickly program the system using a PT. The system is equipped with a built-in battery interface which provides full system operation in the event of a power failure.

KX-TDA Hybrid Telephone
Solution - Award Winning

Nowadays, if your business is to be competitive, it needs an up-to-date business communications system that works seamlessly with IT, and combines voice and data in one low-cost, next-generation, hybrid solution. The KX-TDA series of advanced hybrid IP-PBX telephone systems is designed to make it easier for you to interact with your customers, suppliers and colleagues, and vice versa. Not only does it make you more efficient, it can save you money too. Using the same wide area network (WAN) for voice and data means you can make considerable cost savings. A sophisticated combination of PBX reliability and IP technology, the IP-enabled KX-TDA cost-effectively bridges the gap between your telecom requirements today, and your demand for future integrated solutions. The KX-TDA range comprises 4 different telephone systems, the KX-TDA 15, KX-TDA 30, KX-TDA 50 and KX-TDA 100. It also has a wide choice of handsets, with sophisticated features for advanced communications and ease of use. The range includes digital key phones, DECT cordless handsets and even a fully featured IP key phones that plug right into your LAN on the KX-TDA 100 Complete communications solutions The Panasonic KX-TDA can provide a complete communications solution for businesses of all kinds, helping to improve your productivity, save you money, and integrate your people, your phone system and your IT infrastructure. The KX-TDA can be installed inside a 19 inch rack and can be integrated with your existing IT network. In addition to your telephone system, there is voice processing, Computer Telephony Integration, a Panasonic PC phone and PC operator console. With DECT we can increase the mobility of your workforce. With PanaStat call management software and call logging we can help you to be more efficient. And we offer software packages for a range of applications, from Messaging on Hold systems to solutions for call management and analysis, such as the Panasonic Desktop Telephony Assistant (DTA). So whatever your needs, whatever your business, the Panasonic KX-TDA is the answer to bring your office into the digital communications age. Helpful handsets The Panasonic proprietary Digital Key Telephone comes in six stylish variations and two colours black and white. With features such as an easy-to-read large LCD and four tilt positions, it not only looks good, but makes life easier for users too. The KX-TDA system also makes it easy to accommodate other telephones, fax machines or modems with a unique extension number. A full list of common features of the handsets are:
  • • Large message/ringer lamp
  • • Alpha numeric LCD providing simple key
  • access to:
  •   o Incoming callers name and number (CLI required)
  •   o Call log (100 incoming and 10 outgoing)
  •   o Alpha tagging of exchange lines
  •   o Call duration
  •   o Message waiting & absent messages
  •   o Calling extension name
  • • Menu screen prompts
  •   o System/personal speed dials
  •   o User selected functions
  •   o Extension lists
  •   o Feature access
  •   o System guidance
  • • 20 ring tones and 10 melodies
  • • Headset jack
  • • Handsfree speech/speakerphone
  • • Integrated speaker for handsfree
  • • 8000 system speed dial numbers
  • • Up to 24 line keys
  •   o Fast and reliable operation
  •   o Adjust handset, speaker and ringer volume
  •   o Adjust LCD contrast
  •   o Search through speed dial
  •   o Access menu options
  • • 4-stage tilt adjustment

Other features of the handset are an optional slot-in USB port that makes intergration with a PC for Computer Telephony Integration simple and seamless. There is also a Digital Extra Device port that allows you to 'daisy chain' a second digital key telephone on to the first with it's own extension number, allowing you to expand your telephone system without laying additional cabling. Keeping business moving Integrating DECT cordless telephones with KX-TDA means the benefits of the system are not left behind when you leave your desk. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony allows voice and data transmission via radio waves, within range of strategically placed base stations. A low cost and highly flexible solution, DECT keeps people in contact whether they are on the factory floor, in the warehouse, on the forecourt, in the showroom

Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX

The KX-TES824 Advanced Hybrid PBX System can cost-effectively support all your personal and business communication needs. It comes pre-configured with 3 outside (CO) lines and 8 extensions, and can easily be expanded with up to 8 outside (CO) lines and 24 extensions. The system provide features that can satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and cost conscious users. You can even connect a variety of communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax machines, and any other device that works with conventional telephone lines. The Panasonic KXTEA308 and KX-TES824 are ideal for small businesses or home offices requiring a flexible system with a high degree of sophistication. A full list of features include:
• Absent Message Capability
• Account Code Entry (Option / Forced / Verified)
• Alternate Calling - Ring / Voice
• Automatic Callback Busy (Camp-on)
• Automatic Configuration for Outside (CO) Line Type
• Automatic Fax Transfer
• Battery Backup Interface (Built - in)
• Built-in Voice Message (Requires card)
• Busy Station Signalling (BSS)
• Call Barring
• Call Forwarding
    o All
    o Busy / No Answer
    o Follow Me
    o To Outside
• Caller ID Display on SLT and APT
• Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection
• Call Park
• Call Pickup
• Call Routing for Fixed Line SMS
• Call Splitting
• Call Transfer
    o To Extension
    o To Outside (CO) Line
• Call Waiting
• Conference (3-Party / 5-Party)
• Conference, Unattended (3-Party)
• Data Line Security
• Direct in Line (DIL)
• DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with message (3-level, 1ch, 180 sec)
• Distinctive Dial Tone
• DND (Do Not Disturb)
• DND Override
• Door Opener (Requires card)
• Doorphone Call (Requires card)
• DSS Console
• Emergency Call
• Executive Busy Override (Extension / CO Line)
• Executive Busy Override Deny
• Extension Group
• Extension Password / System Password
• External Feature Access
• Flexible Extension Numbering
• Handsfree Answerback
• Hold
• Intercept Routing
• Intercom Calling
• Limited Call Duration (1 to 32 minutes)
• Log-In / Log-Out
• Message Waiting
• Music on Hold / Background Music (BGM)
• One-Touch Dialling
• Operator Call
• Outgoing Message (OGM)
• Paging
    o All Extension
    o Group
    o External
• Paging Deny
• Parallel Telephone Connection
• Pickup Dialling (Hot Line)
• Polarity Reverse Detection
• Power Failure Transfer
• Preferred Line Assignment
    o Incoming
    o Outgoing
• Programming (via PT / PC)
• Pulse to Tone Conversion
• Redial
    o Automatic
    o Last Number
    o Saved Number
    o Logged Caller ID (Requires card)
• Ringing Pattern Selection
• Room Monitor (APT/Doorphone)
• Secret Dialling
• Speed Dialling
    o System
    o Personal
• Station Feature Clear
• Station Hunting
• Station Lock
• Station Lock, Remote
• SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording)
• Time (Day / Night / Lunch) Service
    o Automatic
    o Manual
• Timed Reminder
• Timed Reminder, Remote
• UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) with message
• Voice Mail Integration (APT/DMTF)
• Walking COS (Class of Service)